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Upright Pianos

Looking for an Upright Piano?

Pianos at Gospel Pianos are better for every reason.

Gospel Pianos specialise in pianos and we are here to help you select the perfect piano for you.

Pianos are intricate instruments and each piano has its own unique personality. There are pianos that produce a dynamic and captivating “European” sound and some that have a laser sharp metallic “Japanese” sound.

At Gospel Pianos we have a wide variety of pianos that have different tonal colours and expressions.

- C.Bechstein crafted by artisans in Germany
- Bechstein crafted by artisans in Germany
- W.Hoffmann crafted by C.Bechstein in Europe
- Seiler crafted by artisans in Germany.

Gospel Pianos is proud to be the Exclusive Authorised Australian Distributor for these elite pianos. These world famous pianos have over 150 years of production history. They have a meticulous keyboard action and no plastic elements. These European pianos have captivating tonal colours and a distinctive responsive touch that enables the player to express music in diverse dynamics.

- Wm. Knabe handcrafted pianos with German parts and German design.
- Kohler and Campbell established in 1896 with German Imperial Scale.

German Imperial Scale: Longer German Roslau strings, Larger soundboards, Finest German Renner Action with Double Layer Hammers that produce warm rich tones.

When you purchase from Gospel Pianos you are buying from a trusted retailer with over 30 years experience and you can be confident that you have purchased a high quality piano that will provide you with many years of playing pleasure.

Come and See us today!

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