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If you’re looking for the highest quality digital instrument, look no further than the Casio digital pianos range. The Japanese electronics company is one of the most recognised and loved manufacturer of production-standard, durable, and beautifully sounding digital pianos.

Gospel Pianos are proud to be able to offer Casio digital pianos for every type of musician.

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Casio digital pianos are only a fraction of the size and weight of an acoustic piano, but easily recreate the feel and sound of a classical instrument. The digital pianos offer meticulous sound design, weighted keys, and a hammer action that makes musicians feel like they are using the real thing. Saving both space and money, Casio has designed the perfect instrument for every musician and their space.

With your new Casio digital piano from Gospel Pianos, you get a long-lasting allrounder. Ideal for beginners or the everyday requirements of a band, your Casio digital piano is as versatile as it is compact.

Here are a few reasons why both world-famous and garage-playing musicians love Casio digital products:

  • High-quality sound
  • Scaled hammer action
  • Diverse effect and filter options

Whether you are just starting on piano or composing and arranging alone or with a band, a Casio digital piano is ideal for every level of experience and age.  From the Casio CDP-S150 to the Casio PX-S3000BK KIT, our range of Casio digital pianos is perfect for every budget and suits all play styles.

The Casio Brand

Casio came to recognition in 1957 when they created the world’s first all-electronic compact calculator. Casio’s advances in digital technology led to many important discoveries and to new product categories including musical instruments.

Since that time, Casio has continued as a world leader in technology through research and development. Today Casio produce some of the worlds most advanced and innovative keyboards and digital pianos for all levels of players.