Second Hand Upright Pianos

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Best Second Hand Upright Pianos in Sydney

If you are searching for a second hand upright piano in Sydney, look no further than Gospel Pianos. We have a wide range of second hand upright pieces that could be yours today – whether you want to start your new hobby on a more affordable note, or are looking for another beautiful, rare upright piano for your collection.

Pre Loved Upright Pianos

Gospel Pianos are pleased to offer a wide range of pre-loved upright pianos, which can be inspected and bought in-store and online. Second hand pianos are perfect for those who are on a budget or are interested in finding a piece that is as physically beautiful as it sounds.

What to consider when purchasing a second hand upright piano:

When properly maintained, a second-hand piano is a very durable musical instrument. If you are looking to buy a used upright piano, there are three things to look for:

  • The condition: Scratches, dents, and missing parts are common areas of damage with second hand pianos. While it is entirely normal for a used piano to show some wear and tear after years of usage, the condition also says a lot about how much longer you can expect it to last.
  • Age of piano: Age tells you a lot about the potential wear and tear a piano may have experienced. While older pianos will often have a long lifespan, it can also be difficult to find spare parts for any repairs.
  • Tuning & maintenance: Tuning and maintenance of the mechanisms show how well a piano has been treated over its lifespan. If correctly maintained, the piano should still have a good sound, and the key action mechanism should feel smooth.

At Gospel Pianos, we use these three factors, alongside other criteria, to determine which used upright pianos are worth acquiring for our customers. Our second hand upright pianos are selected by our experienced team who are there to ensure every piece has been lovingly cared for as well as we know you’ll take care of it!