Second Hand Grand Pianos

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Second Hand Grand Piano for Sale

Want to get your hands on a beautiful grand piano, without paying a premium? Gospel Pianos are pleased to provide an extensive range of pre-loved pianos that will ensure you get your rich, exquisite notes, and a long-lasting piano, without blowing the budget.

Second hand and used grand pianos provide the perfect opportunity to get your dream piano without overpaying. At Gospel Pianos, we regularly buy, restore, and sell second hand grand pianos that are of the highest maintained quality. With great attention to detail, our skilled piano experts carefully select every second hand grand piano, to curate an exclusive range that can be shopped online or in person in Sydney.

Quality Control for Used Grand Pianos in Sydney

It’s important that we carefully consider and assess the quality of each second hand grand piano. While known for lasting years upon years, grand pianos will need to be well maintained and serviced to continue operating seamlessly. As such, while scratches, dents, and minor physical marks are common in pre loved grand pianos, we want to ensure that the instrument itself is in good shape for a second home.

Gospel Pianos Second Hand Grand Piano Range

We understand a second hand grand piano is still a significant investment. Therefore, please do not hesitate to discuss our current selection. We are happy to provide more insight into the first life of your as-new second hand grand piano.

Every second hand instrument we sell has been closely assessed, maintained, and tuned.

So, if you are looking for a second hand grand piano in the greater Sydney area, Gospel Pianos have got your covered. We sell our second hand grand pianos in prime condition and at competitive prices.