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Viscount & Classical Organs

Christian music in a church, classical music like Bach, and your favourite movie scores like Interstellar or The Shining – the full sound of a classical organ is unparalleled in every sense.

Centuries ago, the first organ was invented in ancient Greece around 250 BCE – originally only used for religious ceremonies. Over the years, the first organ prototypes evolved into some of the most enormous and complex musical craftsmanship known today. The instrument also made its way into many different genres and musical eras.

While the organ remains a cornerstone in Christian music, this classical instrument (both viscount and classical organs) has expanded into concert halls with movie soundtracks, jazz, funk, and even rock music.

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Today, viscount organs provide the modern alternative to a classical organ. Viscount organs only need a fraction of space for the entire sound range built with a classical organ. A Viscount organ is known to produce high quality sound experiences voiced to sound like an English Pipe Organ. The Italian brand relies on electrical features and digital technology to recreate the epic and full sound.


Viscount Classical Organs Ltd. are manufactured in Italy where for more than a century they have designed and constructed keyboard instruments through a rare combination of artisan craftsmanship and advanced technology. These instruments continue to contribute to the great music making tradition by combing the state of the art in digital reproduction of the world’s famous pipe organs through their Physis technology. Check out our Viscount Australia range today!