Kohler & Campbell Grand Pianos

Kohler & Campbell

As a part of one of the world’s largest manufacturers of grand pianos, the Kohler & Campbell craftsmen and technicians are among the finest and most experienced in the world. They combine their handcrafting skills with the precision of computer-controlled devices to create the German Imperial Scaled piano with not only a precision fit and finish, but that also has the finest touch and tone quality. Kohler & Campbell selects the finest parts from around the world.
Kohler & Campbell technicians air-dry rock hard maple and form it into the bridges that transfer the vibrations from the strings to the soundboard. This hardest-of-hardwoods also makes up the pinblock, which must hold tons of stress from the German Roslau piano strings and German Wurzen felt hammers . These components are the finest available in the world, shipped from Canada, Germany, and the United States for inclusion in a Kohler & Campbell Millennium Piano

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