Used Yamaha Upright Pianos

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Second Hand Yamaha Upright Pianos in Sydney

As one of the most renowned piano brands worldwide, Yamaha has a reputation for producing keys made and designed with Japanese precision and craftsmanship. Yamaha pianos offer incredible sound quality that lasts for decades and beyond, even through multiple owners. 

We understand that investing in a quality piano purchase is an important and lasting decision. At Gospel Pianos, we strive to deliver the best value on our used Yamaha upright pianos so that our clients can enjoy a superior playing experience. 

Our carefully curated collection of second-hand Yamaha upright pianos offers pianists the chance to set their fingers on quality pre-loved models that still retain the hallmark sounds as expected from a Yamaha.

Used Yamaha Upright Pianos, Expertly Restored

More often than not, the main concern for second hand models is the quality and reliability of the instrument. At Gospel Pianos, we take extra care in meticulously inspecting, servicing, and restoring each of our used Yamaha upright pianos to their former glory. We have a dedicated team of expert piano technicians that check all parts of the piano for any deviations in sound to ensure that they are consistent with their original quality. 

If you are keen on giving any one of our used Yamaha upright pianos a new lease of life, we encourage you to come down to our piano showrooms in Clyde and Ryde to try them out for yourself and feel their unique, aged character for yourself. 

Our current inventory of used Yamaha upright pianos is constantly changing — please contact our friendly team by phone or email to find out what other models we have incoming or in stock. We will be happy to provide you with expert guidance on what to look for in your piano purchase.