Kohler & Campbell Upright Pianos

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About Kohler & Campbell Upright Pianos

As a part of one of the world’s largest manufacturers of grand pianos, the Kohler & Campbell craftsmen and technicians are among the most experienced in the world. These same handcrafting skills are applied to the production of their Kohler & Campbell upright pianos, which Gospel Pianos proudly offers as part of our collection. 

Sporting a classic look that is both modern and stylish, our Kohler & Campbell upright pianos produce a crisp sound that vibrates well in both home and studio settings making them a popular choice for both students and professional players. All our Kohler & Campbell upright models come in full 88-key lengths to match high-grade performances, while remaining compact enough to fit comfortably in most spaces. From the German Roslau piano strings and German Wurzen felt hammers, Kohler & Campbell upright pianos are made from the finest available components in the world to produce their clear signature sound. 

Try them in our Gospel Pianos showrooms in Ryde or Clyde to hear their distinct sound and get a feel of them for yourself!