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Piano Benches and Stools

Browse our range of piano benches and stools that are designed for optimal playing posture and comfort. Whether you need a bench for an acoustic piano or a digital keyboard, we have a number of options for you to choose from.

High-Quality Benches for Pianos

Gospel Piano’s range of piano benches and piano stools are made with high-quality materials to ensure stability for long-term use.

We stock standard-height piano benches that are compatible with our grand and upright piano models, adjustable-height piano benches that cater to players’ comfort, and lightweight keyboard stools that can be folded up for easier portability and storage.

Finding The Right Piano Bench

The height of your piano bench significantly affects the way you play and how comfortable you feel when playing.

When choosing a piano bench, it’s best to rely on what works for you currently. In most cases, a standard-height piano bench is suitable for relaxed playing with the proper posture.