Baby Grand Pianos

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Gospel Pianos are pleased to offer a vast baby grand piano selection in our showroom, with prices varying depending on the size, model and brand.

Introducing the Baby Grand Piano

A baby grand piano provides the rich sound and theatre of a grand piano but at a fraction of the price. Aside from cost, one of the biggest benefits of a baby grand piano is its ability to remain relatively compact without compromising on the spectacular sound that you would get from a grand piano. They offer the same warmth and rich, full sound of a traditional full-sized grand piano in a more compact form. Like upright pianos, this type of piano is perfect for small concerts, but you can also play it in larger venues to provide an intimate music performance atmosphere.

If you’re working with limited stage space or looking to fill a space in your home with a grand piano, then a baby grand piano fits the bill. Baby grand pianos offer a rich, superb sound coupled with a sleek, elegant appearance that makes it a popular choice for space-conscious pianists and quality sound lovers in Australia.

Explore Our Range of Baby Grand Pianos From C. Bechstein, Seiler, Kohler & Campbell, W. Hoffman, and More

At Gospel Pianos, our range of baby grand pianos has been carefully curated from some of the world’s leading brands, including C. Bechstein, Seiler, Kohler & Campbell, and W. Hoffman. Because we are piano specialists, you’ll be shopping for a range of baby grands handpicked by piano enthusiasts who know what makes a good piano. Partner with Gospel Pianos to find the perfect baby grand for your home or studio by heading down to our showrooms at Clyde and Ryde and try them out for yourself!