C.Bechstein Academy A160

Top-quality upright and grand pianos made in Germany. Become part of the Bechstein legend.

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C. Bechstein Academy A 160: a dream baby grand for everyday use

The C. Bechstein A 160 baby grand piano is ideal if you’re in search of a premium baby grand piano. This model stands out not only for its precise action, but also for its colourful and well-balanced voice rich in overtones. C. Bechstein A 160: the one demanding music lovers enjoy playing.

Premium baby grand piano made in Germany

The C. Bechstein Academy A 160 baby grand piano was developed at the C. Bechstein R&D department located in Seifhennersdorf, Saxony, and is made at the adjoining production site using exclusively top-quality materials. When you play and hear this piano, all five senses are immediately convinced of its worth. The C. Bechstein A 160 baby grand captivates you with its beautiful voice that makes it such a joy to play.

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A 160 Dimensions

151 / 59,4”

Width in cm / inch

160 / 5’3”

Length in cm / ft inch

308 / 679

Weight in kg / lbs

C. Bechstein Academy A 175 (B 175)


C. Bechstein Academy Grand Piano

C.Bechstein Academy Grand Piano