W.Hoffmann Vision V158

W.Hoffmann Vision series. A powerful baby grand piano with responsive action assembly and trademark European sound.

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W.Hoffmann Vision V 158: a baby grand piano that really packs a punch

This affordable baby grand piano from a highly successful range is manufactured in the Czech Republic by C. Bechstein Europe. The V 158 baby grand piano boasts a pleasant touch and a distinctly European, harmonious sound profile.

The W.Hoffmann brand more than holds its own among its Asian competitors. Simply because C. Bechstein Europe draws upon its longstanding experience to produce quality instruments. The W.Hoffmann Vision V 158 is a sturdy, powerful and affordable baby grand that owes its singing European voice not only to the excellent facilities run by C. Bechstein Europe, but also the expertise of the highly qualified Czech staff, who turns every instrument into a unique musical gem. As several articles in the specialist press confirm, C. Bechstein Europe’s production site is certainly one of a kind.

The Sound of Europe

Quality is the key, especially if you’re on the lookout for an affordable grand. After all, you want a reliable instrument that will last. A W.Hoffmann piano that delivers the Sound of Europe is just the ticket for two good reasons: the art of piano-making is rooted right here at the heart of the continent and C. Bechstein refuses to cut any corners. Our grand pianos are not mass-produced and we know only too well how a quality instrument can inspire you to play.

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Dimensions   W 59.4” / 151 cm ×  D 5’2” / 158 cm   Weight   683 lbs / 310 kg

W.Hoffmann V 158