C.Bechstein Concert A192

Finest nuances, outstanding action, wonderfully colored voice. A breath-taking parlor grand.

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High-end piano hand-made in Germany

An instrument with a marvelous singing voice made for professionals and advanced piano players.

A mid-sized yet very powerful parlor grand piano, the C. Bechstein Concert MP192 model is made to meet the requirements of music conservatories and demanding piano players. A professional action and a lyrical voice with wonderful colors, singing treble, powerful bass and perfect register transitions make the C. Bechstein MP192 irresistible.

The C. Bechstein MP192 model is a versatile parlor grand piano that boasts all the manufacturing details typical of a concert grand. Although this model meets the requirements of recording studios and music conservatories, its convenient dimensions and sound volume make it just as suitable for playing at home.

A jewel of a parlor grand piano

The mid-sized C. Bechstein MP192 parlor grand piano is ideal for finishes in noble veneers or marquetry that make it a feast for the eyes. Don’t hesitate to ask your dealer for veneer samples and special finishes.

Like all C. Bechstein grand pianos, the durability of the MP192 model is world-renowned and stems from manufacturing processes that involve a wealth of craftsmanship and last for several years. Rest assured that your children and grandchildren will love your MP192 as much you will. Its membrane-soundboard-system, for example, retains its excellent tension and vibration characteristics for decades.


Dimensions   W 60.2” / 153 cm ×  D 6’4” / 192 cm   Weight   772 lbs / 192 kg

C. Bechstein Concert A 192 (M/P 192)