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Viscount Electric Organs

Electric organs are the epitome of classic tradition, modern innovation, and musical quality — they take the majestic presence and voluminous sound of a natural wind organ and condense it into a compact body. Viscount electric organ pianos are crafted to the highest standard of Italian craftsmanship and feature a wide array of voices to match any playing style and piece. 

When you buy an organ with Gospel Pianos, you’ll get the essence and grandeur of traditional organs in a compact modern instrument perfect for your home, studio, or concert hall. Plug your organ piano in and enjoy the powerful sounds and rich timbres or use it as a midi keyboard complete with advanced technologies and compatibility.

Shop Our Range of Organs and Organ Pianos for Sale

Whether you’re an experienced pianist looking for something new or a seasoned organist looking for an instrument for the 21st century, Gospel Pianos has got you covered. We are pleased to stock a range of high-quality electric organs for sale. 

Our Viscount organs come with a diverse range of playing features including but not limited to modern tracker touch keyboards, alternate voices, intuitive pedals, and many modern effects. Each model offers ground-breaking technology, customisable sounds and voicing, easy integration, seamless connectivity, classic but modern designs, and high build quality and craftsmanship.

Interested in trying out our organ pianos for yourself? Give our team a call to book an advance appointment and come down to our piano showrooms located in Ryde and Clyde.