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Piano Stands

Need to up your set up with a piano stand for your electric or digital piece? We’ve got a range of piano stands for every home, school band, recreational band, and piano. Our keyboard stands and portable piano stands are designed to provide the foundation for your favourite instrument.

Electric & Digital Piano Stands Online

If your digital or electric piano has not come with a stand of its own, it’s important that you get a portable stand to put it on. A dedicated stand is essential as it will allow you to adjust it to the perfect height for you – ensuring you maintain perfect posture when playing.

Aside from Australia’s best range of pianos, Gospel Pianos also offer a great selection of the corresponding accessories. A digital piano stand is crucial for every musician who wants to present their musical abilities to the public, whether in Sydney’s Streets of CBD as a street musician, in a pub in Newtown or anywhere else in Australia.

Find Your Perfect Piano Stand Online

When choosing a suitable digital piano stand, there are a few things to consider:

  • Your piano size is crucial to choosing the right digital piano stand. The better the fit, the more security you’ll have for your musical instrument.
  • Adjustability, durability, and portability are also important when picking out a digital piano stand. Portable devices allow you to set up your piano in a quickl and straightforward manner, enabling you to be more mobile with your equipment.
  • The design and style of an electrical piano stand are other factors to consider. Many come in different colours, like black, white, and wood grain. Think about what you would like the most and what fits the best with the design of places you play with your instrument.

If you are still trying to work out what stand is the best for your current digital piano, reach out to our friendly team today.