Kohler & Campbell KC132 Silent Piano

Silent Upright Piano

An acoustic piano with the option of using headphones.

Height: 132cm

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Kohler & Campbell KC132 Ebony Polish with Silent Piano System

Supreme Sound. This full length professional upright is an excellent choice for performance grade or high level piano student. With the addition of the Silent Piano System this acoustic piano has the option to be played silently with the piano sound coming through the headphones only. The added height depth and width create remarkable depth of sound and outstanding tonal quality. A solid premium spruce soundboard guarantees exceptional sound quality and durability to last a lifetime. With German Roslau(TM) strings 100% German premium wool for its hammers and felt and sand casting iron plate you know you are getting the very best. The KC132 produces a deep rich beautiful sound which rebounds beautifully around the room. Additionally this piano comes with an integrated slow closing fallboard which prevents any finger injuries.

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