W.Hoffmann Vision V131

Powerful sound and excellent touch rooted in the tradition of German concert pianos.

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W.Hoffmann Vision V 131 upright: an affordable concert piano

The W.Hoffmann piano brand already existed in Berlin in the early 20th century and was taken over by C. Bechstein in 1992. Today, the W.Hoffmann instruments are made by C. Bechstein Europe at its Czech production site and the Vision series echoes the great piano brand’s tradition. The W.Hoffmann Vision V 131 concert piano, also called “pianoforte” in the past, will impress you with its noble look, powerful sound, fine nuances and elegant classic case design. Don’t compromise on the brand of your piano! C. Bechstein Europe makes top-quality instruments.

Valuable components and quality manufacturing

Despite its affordable price, the V 131 concert piano boasts a wealth of quality details: all strings, for example, are held in place by agraffes in order to improve the sound precision and purity; moreover, this piano comes with three pedals, including a moderator. According to the German C. Bechstein manufacturing tradition, all affordable pianos within the Vision series are voiced manually “by hand and ear”.

A concert piano that speaks for itself

Experienced piano makers at the C. Bechstein Europe production site determine and test all components of the V 131 pianoforte and perform all quality assurance procedures. Like other instruments within the Vision series, this model boasts a back frame made of medium-hard solid wood. The soundboard and its ribs are made of spruce, the bridges and the pin block of hard wood. The other quality features include the hammerheads, which are covered with English felt and voiced “by hand and ear”. Nonetheless, the V 131 upright remains affordable!


Dimensions   H 51.8”/131,5 cm ×  W 59.4” / 151 cm ×  D 25” / 63,5 cm   Weight   545 lbs / 247 kg

W.Hoffmann V 131