C.Bechstein Academy A116 Accent

Beautiful look and wonderful touch — the dream of every music lover.

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C. Bechstein Academy A 116 Accent: Finest sound and touch

C. Bechstein A 116 Accent upright: a premium instrument made in Germany by C. Bechstein. Unequalled quality, voice, touch and sound volume.

The A 116 Accent piano boasts all characteristics of the premium uprights made in Germany – the best pianos worldwide, except for the C. Bechstein instruments of the Masterpiece class. The A 116 Accent piano perfectly demonstrates the expertise of the German engineers. A market leader in the top segment for more than 160 years, Bechstein can rely on its unique R&D department to build a bridge between the Bechstein legend and state-of-the-art production processes. Using high technology, Bechstein makes wooden and metal parts of unequalled precision that form the base of the brand’s pianos, which are famous for their exceptional durability and beautiful voice. The final hand-processing of the action and sound assemblies further enhances the instruments’ quality, like the brilliant cut that transforms a gemstone into a jewel.

Insist on the best when selecting your new piano!

The C. Bechstein Academy A 116 Accent piano applies the latest findings on material strength and sound optimization. As to the third crucial factor in your purchasing decision, value for money, the A 116 Accent model is surprisingly affordable, even though it satisfies all requirements of a full-fledged quality piano: perfectly balanced voice, pleasant touch and compatibility with all styles of music. Moreover, the Bechstein pianos are famous for imparting a modern flair to the noble and traditional Bechstein brand.

Bechstein: a legend that moves with the times.


Dimensions   H 116 cm ×  W 59,4” / 151 cm ×  D 23,2” / 59 cm   Weight   518 lbs / 235 kg

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