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Kawai pianos are synonymous with exceptional sound quality, intelligent design, and the finest materials. A favourite amongst pianists, Gospel Pianos are pleased to provide an extensive range of Kawai pianos for sale both online and in-store in Sydney. Want to try out your next Kawai in person? Consider visiting us in Villawood or Ryde to try our high-quality Kawai Piano Sydney range.

When you are looking for a warm, rich, and powerful piano sound, the Kawai piano has you covered. Add depth and complexity to your sound, with world-class equipment.

Kawai Piano: Quality, Innovation and Attention for Detail

The Kawai Musical Instrument brand was started back in 1927, when Koichi Kawai founded the company. As a skilled craftsman and inventor, Kawai’s primary goal was to create instruments that are both beautiful and create high-quality sound experiences.

Over the years, this focus on quality, innovation, and attention to detail has established Kawai Pianos as one of the leaders in modern piano manufacturing. Today, Kawai Pianos is constantly rethinking music instrument production methods and incorporating the latest technology and finest materials, from exquisite colour palettes, like the Kawai CA39 White Maple, to unique designs pushing the boundaries of modern piano construction, such as the Kawai DG30.

Your next Kawai Piano will not only make a beautiful addition to your space, but will also fill it with a clean and complex sound design.