Kawai DG30


The modern digital piano that makes a grand impression.

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Kawai DG30 Digital Grand Piano

The modern digital piano that makes a grand impression.

DG30’s attractive cabinet is finished from top to toe in Ebony Polish, with silver-chrome fittings completing a modern, elegant look.


DG30 features one of the most sophisticated action mechanisms we’ve ever created: Responsive Hammer III. With triple sensor key detection, counterweights, let-off simulation and much more, DG30 is a joy to touch.


DG30 reproduces the distinctive tonal character of the Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert and SK-5 chamber grand pianos, along with the Kawai EX, K-60, and more than 300 other high quality sounds.


Integrated Bluetooth for wireless MIDI and audio. Hundreds of lessons built in. Extraordinary room for personalisation. An internal recorder, metronome, dual and four-hands keyboard modes and much more – DG30 does it all.

Powerful features

Wireless Bluetooth® connectivity, USB audio record/playback, Dual, Split, and Four Hands keyboard modes, and a rich assortment of instrumental voices add greater variety to players’ performances, while the convenient metronome function and integrated lessons ensure that regular practise is both productive and engaging for aspiring pianists.

Grand Feel design: character and purpose

Opening DG30’s topboard reveals a polished wooden soundboard, decorated with traditional rim braid, and long and short lid props that allow for both fully- and partially-open topboard positions.

4-speaker sound system

With features like a big 4 speaker sound system, Virtual Technician, and premium internal audio components, DG30 reproduces the Shigeru Kawai grand piano sound with stunning clarity, richness, and power.

Grand Feel Pedal System

Reinforcing Kawai’s reputation as the most realistic digital pianos in their price range is the Grand Feel Pedal System. This unique feature accurately replicates the position and individual weighting of the damper, soft, and sostenuto pedals of a Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand piano to further enhance DG30’s acoustic piano-like authenticity.

Authentic touch

DG30’s class-leading Responsive Hammer III keyboard action recreates the supreme touch of an acoustic grand piano, with its realistic movement and rigid, springless design providing a smooth and natural piano playing experience.


Action:Responsive Hammer III
Triple sensor key detection:Yes
Let-off simulation:Yes
88-key stereo sampling:Yes
Number of sounds:355
Virtual Technician parameters:Yes
Interface:128 x 64 pixel OLED
Internal recorder:10 song, 2 track
Bluetooth:Bluetooth Audio, Bluetooth MIDI
Built-in lesson books:Yes
Output power:40W
Speakers:13cm x 2 (woofers), 10cm x 2 (top speakers)
Made in:Indonesia
Colours available:Ebony Polish
Warranty:5 years