Viscount Cantorum V

A 61-key portable organ for classical music.

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Viscount Cantorum V

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Viscount Cantorum V Organ Keyboard

A 61-key portable organ for classical music. Thanks to Split Point and Auto Bass functions it’s possible to play on two virtual manuals and pedalboard for real pipe organ performances. Three organ styles in a really portable cabinet at a very attractive price! Thanks to the easy-to-use interface and the wide variety of sounds, including ancient stops, Cantorum V meets the needs of many organists, schools or places of worship. All samples are stereo: virtual pipes are positioned in the space in order to emulate a real windchest. Wherever a pipe organ is not available, organists will find Cantorum V an extremely useful and versatile instrument for great performances.


Keyboard 61 keys
Organ Styles Baroque – Romantic – Symphonic
Pedal Prinzipal 16′- Oktave 8′- Posaune 16′
Man.l Bourdon 8′ – Gamba 8′ – Vox Celeste 8′- Offenflöte 4′- Nasard 2 2/3′ – Zimbel 3f. – Trompete 8′
Man.II Prinzipal 16 – Prinzipal 8′ – RohrfIöte 8′- Oktave 4′ – Spitzflöte 4′ – Nasard 2 2/3′ – Superoktave 2′ – Terts 1 3/5′ -Mixtur 4f. – Trompete 8′ – Tremulant
Reverb Intensity adjustable
Tremulant Speed and Depth adjustable
Temperaments Equal; Meantone; Werkmeister III; Kirnberger II
Memories 12 (6 fixed and 6 user programmable)
Volumes Master Volume – Balance between Bass-Man.I and Man.II – Reverb
Other controls Ensemble on/off – Ensemble Depth – Split (& set point) – Man.I Octave Up & Man.II Octave Down
Transposer 3/-2 Semitones
Pitch -100/ 100 Cents
Split Programmable
Demo 6 Demo songs
Midi In – Out
Connections Headphones – 2 Outputs (L/R) – Expression Pedal – Sustain Pedal – MIDI – Mains in
Amplification 20W 20W Digital Audio Amplifier – THD < 1% (20Hz-20kHz)
Speakers 2×5″ full range, dual cone
Dimensions 9x90x30cm (HxWxD)
Weight 5 Kg
Optional Accessories Stand, Expression pedal, Sustain pedal