Ketron SK1400


10″ Speaker. 2 Way Self Powered 2 Amp Bass Reflex

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Ketron 1400 includes:

MB10 x 2
SK12A x 1
SK12 x 1

‘Intelligence Compactness & Efficiency’
ICEPower® is a switching power conversion technology used for audio reproduction. ICEPower® units are characterised by being Intelligent Compact and Efficient. The ICEPower® series require hardly any cooling; have superb sound quality and competitive total cost efficiency.
Intelligent Compact and Efficient – and it’s a revolution in amplifier technology from Bang & Olufsen. It offers more power for less energy and produces a minimum of unwanted excess heat. With a size that’s only slightly bigger than a matchbox it offers incredible freedom to continue to challenge conventional loudspeaker design.


10″ Speaker. 2 Way Self Powered 2 Amp Bass Reflex
The MB10 is a 250 50 watt (RMS) 2-ways power speaker with a 10 inch woofer and an elliptic 1 inch horn delivering a warm and clear sound.
Equipped with a class D switching amplifier (icepower® by Bang&Olufsen ICE POWER) the MB10 delivers an extremely flat frequency response and stunningly accurate sound reproduction even when pushing the system to the limit.

The body of the case is constructed of multilayered wood allowing for a warmer sound and a lighter weight. The trapezoidal design makes it possible to position it vertically or horizontally like a monitor.
Electronic Components:

? The speaker provides one Neutrik Combo ® balanced input that accepts XLR as well as ¼ inch jacks

? LINK balanced XLR output for parallel connectivity to another system

? Microphone input connector with independent volume control and 3 band E.Q. /- 8db

? A digital S/PDIF input permits connection to a digital mixing console or other device for pure sound without any loss in sound quality.



The SK 12A is a 450 W (RMS) long course 12 inch sub-woofer that provides a powerful sound in the low frequency range (30-100Hz). It uses a class D IcePower® switching amplifier by Bang & Olufsen ICE POWER and boasts a sophisticated protection system that minimizes the risk of power shortage while maintaining normal functioning even if the electricity supply is uneven.

The SK 12A can be used in both an enclosed indoor environment and an open outdoor environment.

To enhance the impact of the low frequencies an auxiliary output has been provided to connect it to an external passive subwoofer SK 12.

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