Ketron SD4

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The KETRON SD4 is a pocket size sound module designed for all PC and MIDI applications.

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The KETRON SD4 is a pocket size sound module designed for all PC and MIDI applications. Equipped with a new powerful sound engine including a professional Stereo Grand Piano sound with over 88 notes huge Orchestral voices such as Saxophones Brass Woodwinds Guitars Accordions Organ Digital Drawbars and many others the SD4 has all the latest features for recording programming and live performances. The realism and sound quality of the Solo instrumental Voices on the KETRON SD4 are remarkable – but expected following in the tradition of the KETRON “Best Natural Sound” heritage. In addition the SD4 includes very distinctive Audio Drum and Percussion Loops selected from Slow Jazz Latin Acoustic Traditional and Dance backgrounds. Used in conjunction with a Computer Master keyboard MIDI accordion or MIDI guitar the SD4 offers an “all-in-one” great sound resource that ban be used to greatly enhance standard MIDI files as well as for Home and Studio compositions and recordings. Its MIDI capability allows one to control up to 32 MIDI channnels and includes DSP effects such as Reverb Chorus Delay and Distortion. The SD4 can be directly connected to a mobile PC using a USB connection (without need of an separate power supply) or it can be used to interface with Master keyboards lacking in USB ports. The two input MIDI ports allow one to play very high quality sounds while at the same time having an independent MIDI file playing. The SD4 permits one to stack and edit all available tones to get new customized sounds which can be easily saved and reloaded at any time. Editing these tones is even further simplified by using the special Ketron PC software Moreover by the three potentiometers it is possible to change in real time the Midi file main parameters balancing the volume of the single tracks of the MIDI file or of the Preset sounds that are being used. A very useful function of “Intelligent Transposer” is available for MIDI file playback. This allows the key to be changed without altering the instrument’s timbre. Special configurations with the sound Map (Templates) are provided so the SD4 can easily work with the most commonly used sequencer programs such as Cubase Logic Cakewalk Etc as well as the complete SD4 Drum Loop Library. Templates and Loop Libraries can be downloaded at no cost by visiting the Ketron website.

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