Ketron SD1

SD1 Plus KEYBOARD 76 half-weighted keys.After touch.

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SD1 Plus KEYBOARD 76 half-weighted keys.After touch. 6 new Velocity Curves. POLYPHONY 64 notes.32 multitimbral. SOUND GENERATION 310 New Presets ( programmable ) 350 GM Voices. 128 User Voices. 80 One Touch setting. 16 digital Drawbars.Up to 1000 Drum Percussion Sounds. RAM 16 MB RAM. Single &Block Sound loading. Files.Wav Msp and Ins supported. ARRANGER 131 New Flash Styles (rewritable ).168 ROM Styles. Style setting. 4 Arranger 3 Intros/Endings 3Fills Ins Break Fill To End Jump. Interactive accompaniment. Tap tempo. Accelerando & Ritardando.Tempo Slow/Fast. 1 Touch to Style. Chord solo . BASS Manual Bass Bass to Lowest Basso to Root. Bassist . PIANIST Auto/Standard mode. DRUM SETS 24 New Internal Drum Sets.24 User Drum Sets. 50 Live Drums. Manual Drums.Drum Mixer.10 Drum Sections. PROGRAMS 128 Programs.4 voices.Modes :Duet Trio Steel Morphing. Single & Global Program Disk loading. 2ND VOICE 2nd Voice programmable for each Preset and User Voice. 2nd Voice to Disk. MIDIFILE PLAYER SMF Song playback.Real Time song recording.Songs with lyrics karaoke and files Txt. Juke box.Intelligent Transposer. Demo&Hit folder. Drum&Bass. Lead Off. XD Series Remap. DRUM REMIX Real time interactive MIDI ?le and Style playing. Song and Style select. OCTAVE Up/Down +/-1 Octave. HARMONY Full Jazz Double Up Double Down 5th Bluegrass Trill Folk1 Folk 2 Repeat & Speed control. PORTAMENTO Rate control +/-64.Mono Legato function. TRANSPOSER +/-24 half tones AFTERTOUCH Assignable to Cut off Volume Bend Slide LFO Attack Treshold and Sensitivity control. MOD.WHEEL LFO to Pitch to DCF to DCA Wha Wha Swell Rate.Rotor speed control. PITCH WHEEL Tune +/-99 Cents .Vibrato On/Off.Bend value 0/24.Bend to LFO DCF DCA. ARABIC SCALE Tune +/-99 Cents per note.13 Arabic set ups footswitch assignable. ACCORDION MODE International Belgique.Left/Right velocity control.Bass octave.Bass Sustain.Bass to Chord recognition Lower octave. Left drum to Bass &Chord. Bass Off on Stop. EFFECTS 3 digital multi effects DSP ‘s.60 differents effects Reverberation Chorus Flanger Delay Wha Wha Distorsion Overdrive Rotor Equalizer +/-12 Db (Low Middle High).16 User Effects. SAMPLER 16 Mbyte sampling 16 Bit -44.1 KHz. Multisampler editor. Wav Sync to Style. VOCALIZER Vocalizer unit.Harmonizer.Vocoder Melody types.MIDI Vocalist track.Left&Right assignment. Filter edit.Vocalizer modes. MICRO 2 Micro input:XRL Balanced Mono Jack.2 Micro Out to external mixer.Level Pan Pot Echo Reverb Pitch Shift+/- 12 Dry. MIDI In1 In2 Out Thru.32 MIDI channels.General MIDI Standard. SEQUENCER 16 Tracks 150.000 notes. FLOPPY DISK 3.5 2DD/HD. HARD DISK Type ATA IDE 2.5. 6Gbyte .Up to 99 folders.Master folder. Bonus Library : Stereo Grand Piano.Orchestral sounds. 200 Midi files. 200 Song Single Registrations. 35 Patterns. Internal Style backup folder. X & XD Series Style Conversion. DISPLAY 240 X 128 Pixel baklit graphic TCF OUTPUTS Out 1Left/Mono.Out 2Right.Out 3.Out 4.Sustain Pedal.Footswitch (6 or 13 switches).Micro1 Out.Micro2 Out. GM/Keyboard Out assignment to 4 audio Outputs INPUTS Stereo headphone.MicroXRL.Micro Jack.Micro Gain control. OPTIONAL Video Interface .Volume Pedal.Volume Pedal 4 switches.Sustain pedal.Footswitch FS6-FS13.MIDI Pedalboard. COMPUTER PC/Mac Interface .Cable&Software. DIMENSIONS 119 X 39 X 12 Cms WEIGHT Kg 16.5


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