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L 167


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Wm.Knabe & Co.

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Kohler & Campbell

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Kohler & Campbell

Baby Grand Pianos

Gospel Pianos have a vast variety of baby grand pianos in our showroom with prices varying depending on the size, model and brand. 

Brands such as, Kohler & Campbell baby grand pianos & Wm. Knabe baby grand pianos are high in quality and have a warm rich tone that is inviting to the ear. 

These baby grand pianos are in a more comfortable price range and look stunning in any home. 

W.Hoffmann baby grand pianos and Bechstein baby grand pianos are our luxury range of baby grand pianos. W.Hoffmann baby grand pianos are well known for being made in Europe. Bechstein baby grand pianos are well known for being made in Germany. These baby grand pianos are of the utmost quality and have a beautiful resounding European piano sound. 

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