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Dynatone - DPS90H Digital Piano

Due to its internal ROS V.5 sound source, the DPS-90H exhibits the characteristic non-pitch sounds of acoustic pianos including the string resonance, damper resonance, damper samples and key-off samples which enhances realism in its piano sounds.
The powerful sound system of 2-channel 4 speakers improves the pleasure of playing. The ARHA-3I keyboard, the product of Dynatone's expertise in the field, provides the authentic touch of which even professional players are comfortable with.


 Keyboard   ARHA-3I
 Ivory Top
 Polyphony Note   Max. 256
 Sound   Preset Sound   EXV 10 + GM 128
 * Source   ROS V.5
 Multi Layered Full Scale Sound   1 Pianos
 Multi Layered Sound   3 Pianos
 Total Bank Memory Size   4Gbit
 Display   3 Digit LED
 Piano Effect   Full Scale String Resonance Sound   Yes (Adjustable)
 Damper Resonance Digital Effect   Yes (Adjustable)
 Damper Resonance Sound   Yes (Adjustable)
 Full Scale Key-off Sound   Yes (Adjustable)
 Stretch Tune   Yes
 Music   Classical Music   50 Music (Internal)    
 Educational Music    Beyer 106
 Czerny 100-30-40
 Burgmuller 25
 Sonatine - with Left & Right hand practice function
 Music Key Transpose   Yes
 DSP   Reverb   Reverb
 Effect   Effect
 Pedal   3 (Soft/Sostenuto/Damper) 
 Support Half Damper Pedal
 USB connection   MIDI Interface   Yes                              
 Audio Interface   Yes (48KHz 24bit)
 Compatibility   USB 2.0                           
 PC/ Mac/ iOS/ Android
 Record   3 Track X 3 Song
 Fuction   Layer   Yes (Adjustable Vol.)
 Split   Yes (Adjustable Vol.)
 Twin Piano   Yes
 Master Tune   Yes
 Master Key- Transepose   Yes
 Touch    Yes
 Metronome   Yes
 Brilliance   Yes
 Registration   5
 Octave   Yes
 Scale Tune   9 Scales
 Terminal   D Box   Yes
 USB to Host   USB Type B
 Stereo Audio Out    3.5mm Stereo
 Stereo Audio In (MP3 in)    3.5mm Stereo
 Pedal In   In
 Output   30W + 30W
 (2-Way 4 Speakers)
 Dimension (W x L x H)   1395 x 470 x 865 mm

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